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Elevating Surveying in the Philippines: Unveiling DJI M300 Drone and L1 LiDAR Precision by Filgeo

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

In the dynamic realm of geospatial technology, Fil Geosolutions Inc (Filgeo) proudly unveils our pioneering surveying approach, leveraging the formidable DJI M300 drone and the exceptional L1 LiDAR sensor. This potent combination is set to redefine surveying practices across the Philippines, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency that resonates with industries seeking accurate insights and streamlined workflows.

 DJI M300 RTK flying

DJI M300 L1 image sourced from Filgeo Solutions Inc.

At the core of our innovative surveying methodology is the reliable DJI M300 drone. Designed with rugged durability, extended flight capabilities, and an IP45 rating, it provides a robust foundation for our surveying endeavors. The M300 is a versatile platform that perfectly complements the intricacies of LiDAR technology.

LiDAR image sourced from Filgeo Solutions Inc.

The L1 LiDAR sensor, renowned for its meticulous precision, takes center stage. With an impressive capability to capture 240,000 points per second and a range of up to 450 meters, the L1 LiDAR sensor empowers filgeo’s surveys with intricate detail and accuracy that industries such as agriculture, renewables, and infrastructure inspection demand. This precise data collection is further augmented by the DJI Base Station, ensuring centimeter-level positioning accuracy that reinforces the reliability of our survey outputs.

Image sourced from Filgeo Solutions Inc.

Filgeo stands as a premier survey service provider in the Philippines that delivers cutting-edge geospatial solutions. Our tailored surveying services encompass a wide spectrum of applications, including topographic mapping and infrastructure monitoring, tailored to cater to the diverse needs of industries that drive our nation’s progress.

The impact of the L1 LiDAR on M300 system extends across various sectors. Surveyors can capitalize on dense point clouds to expedite topographic map creation with minimized reliance on ground control points. Forestry management benefits from precise tree count, tree height estimations, and canopy density assessments.

DJI Terra Mapping image sourced from AERMATICA3D

Infrastructure inspection is taken to new heights, enabling accurate assessment of critical assets such as bridges, power lines, and pipelines while optimizing operational efficiency. The comprehensive workflow is seamlessly managed through DJI Terra’s automated flight planning and data processing features, ensuring seamless integration with popular GIS and CAD software.

Image sourced from Filgeo Solutions Inc.

In essence, Filgeo propels surveying practices into a new era through the combined might of the DJI M300 drone and L1 LiDAR sensor. This strategic integration of cutting-edge technology and local expertise redefines the landscape of surveying, ushering in a wave of innovation that caters to the evolving demands of various industries. As challenges grow in complexity, our integrated solution equips industries and professionals with the tools they need to tackle them head-on, harnessing the true potential of LiDAR-equipped drones for unparalleled progress.

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